”Why I’m voting for Darren on 7th May” Blog #4

WP_20150314_13_01_40_ProOn the 13th May 1997 I was born. The world around me was one of hope and new beginnings; Tony Blair had just been elected on a tide of anticipation after 18 years of tory rule. My parents both come from humble backgrounds and brought me up to stand on my own two feet. This family ethos is one that I want to see for the whole of Britain – a country that leads in the world and does not allow anyone to put it down in the world.

I’ve always followed current affairs from a young age and remember reading the newspapers and watching the news from a young age and this helped to forge my worldview based around tolerance and respect. When the 7/7 attacks happened in London in 2005, I remember being shocked that such actions of fear and hatred could occur in our society. This passion grew and in the run up to the 2010 election I followed preceding’s closely, especially the actions of Nick Clegg as he promised not to increase tuition fees. I suppose I have always wanted to see positive change brought about in the world that benefits the majority of people. When the Tories gained power in 2010 I was dismayed even without fully knowing the issues with their power until later on.

Three years went on and I had seen the destruction of our country by an out of touch government claiming that we were ‘all in it together’ despite their backgrounds and wealth putting them streets ahead. Tuition fees, the EMA, the bedroom tax and endless austerity all showed me that we had a government of fear. But then I saw a new horizon; a horizon of hope. An opportunity to bring about change, to make Britain fairer, more equal. That’s when I joined the labour party, Ed Miliband’s labour party.

The labour party represent the values that I want to see in a modern Britain – equality, fairness and justice. Unlike many people of my age I fight for what I believe in – this country is not working for those people who I talk to regularly who tell me that they are struggling as a result of cuts to welfare and that they are struggling to make ends meet as a result of low wages. This is not a vision of Britain that represents my values and on the 7th May the British people have the chance to bring about real change, by electing Darren Price to parliament along with Ed Miliband as our prime minister. Both are determined to bring about change and make Britain a better place with a different approach to reducing the deficit, whilst providing a future not just for me and my fellow labour party members, not just for Congleton, but for Britain.

I may not be able to vote by a mere 6 days (Painful I know!) but I have always had strong convictions but none shine through greater than a desire for a labour government of hope over fear. That’s why I’m supporting Darren for Congleton and I hope that you’ll join me.


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