”Why I’m voting for Darren on 7th May” Blog #5

clegg-tuition-fees-pledgeI no longer agree with Nick…. 

Before I moved to Cheshire I was a Liberal Democrat councillor and I have volunteered extensively for the Lib Dems over the years.  At the last election in 2010 I delivered 1000s of leaflets and knocked on many, many doors as a result of our manifesto and Nick Clegg’s promises.  I did this because I believed in what they were saying and that they had the strength of their convictions. I did it with all of the right intentions because I believe in a fairer society and I thought that they did too.
In Government the story was different, something changed. Nick Clegg promised not to raise tuition fees and then quickly broke his promise when in government leaving young people who go to university with much bigger debts. He then helped David Cameron who has promised that there would be no top down reorganisation of the NHS to break his word leading to the coalition government bringing in an unnecessary, unwanted, extensive and costly re-organisation of the health service.
I feel betrayed by the Liberal Democrats, so betrayed that I resigned my membership and I have been campaigning for the Labour Party this time, knocking on doors and delivering lots of leaflets.  The next Labour government will reduce tuition fees and repeal the Health and Social Care Act. I will be voting for Darren Price on May 7th because I know that he believes in a fairer society too and won’t sell his principles down the river.
Alan, Sandbach

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