Business & Jobs

I have experience of working in the public sector, voluntary sector and academia but now I am the owner of two local businesses, my own architectural and urban design consultancy and (along with my wife) a clothing wholesale and retail company.  As such I really understand the pressures of running a company and the things that are required to help small businesses succeed.

The Tories cannot and should not be allowed to seen as the party of business, especially when many of the policies of this Government, despite the endless rhetoric to the contrary, are damaging small business and hindering the real cross-sector growth that our economy desperately needs.  Instead, the Tories are the party of tax evading and tax avoiding corporations, hedge-fund managers, dodgy banks and dodgy bankers.  

On a practical level I believe that there are a number of things that small businesses need to grow (and none of these include access to an off-shore tax haven) these include:

The security of knowing that we will remain in the European Union untitled (20)


untitled (20)Access to finance 


untitled (20)The right sort of premises, at the right price and on the right sort of terms


untitled (20)Live-Work accommodation to best serve the new ways of working as more people work from home


untitled (20)Practical support and advice for new businesses, maybe in the form of a ‘small business hub ‘





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