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It would be great to hear from you and to learn what you think about the issues facing our community.


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2 thoughts on “Get in touch

  1. Pleace could you send me one of you’re election poster’s, to show in our window thank-you. All the best from the three new Labour voter’s in my household, after voting Liberal last time out, never again, after allowing that awful bedroom tax, and other anti working class policy’s.

    Shane Bloor, 7 Mill Lane, Somerford Booths, Congleton, CW12 2JS.

    • Hi Shane,

      Of course, I am very pleased to have your support I too am dismayed at the targeting of the ordinary working man as well as poor, the vulnerable and the disabled by this coalition government. I will make sure that you get a poster – let me know if you have the space and want a garden stake (like an estate agents sign) as we have these if you’d prefer.

      All the best


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