Press Releases



New figures show 740 pensioners in Congleton hit by a paltry 87p state pension rise : 19th December 2014

Tories and Lib Dems vote to keep the Bedroom Tax : 17th December 2014

Immigration Letter : 16th December 2014

Letter re Autumn Statement : 4th December 2014

Rushed Re-Privatisation of Rail Franchise is a Cynical Ploy : 29th November 2014

To Plan or not to Plan that is the question (the answer is YES by the way) : 29th November 2014

Labour’s Darren Price slams local MP for failing to stand up for local pubs 21st November 2014

When will Cheshire East Council Adopt a Local Plan? 12th November 2014

News of a train station in Middlewich is welcome – but what in the meantime? 6th November 2014

Voters should be able to recall MPs 31st October 2014

We need an evidence-based approach to drugs policy  31st October 2014

Cheshire East Council’s Planning Problems Continue… 21st October 2014

Cheshire East’s Housing Crisis – there is an alternative16th October 2014

Local Plan Press Release : Concerns over latest Local Plan setback 2nd October 2014

Buying a house is a pipe dream for many….  September 2014












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