Fairness and Compassion

What underpins everything that I believe in is a fundamental belief in people, a belief that people are inherently good and they strive to do the right thing for themselves and their families.  I see the role of Government as not only aiding and assisting them in this quest but also providing an adequate safety net for when they are unable to do so.

I am distressed and angered by the way that the Tory-led coalition Government is demonising disadvantaged groups, effectively reintroducing notions of the deserving poor (strivers) and undeserving  poor (scroungers).


As the parent of a learning disabled daughter I am particularly concerned about the way that disabled people are being targeted, with the ATOS fiasco a prime example.

Above all, I believe passionately that a society should be judged by the way it treats and provides for its most vulnerable citizens, not by the advantages it proffers on its wealthiest.


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