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  1. Mr Price, you will be getting my vote in the election I have seen nothing but punitive measures put in place by the conservatives, this country was sold out in the 1980s its time to undo the damage that was inflicted by consecutive governments. The people at the very bottom are paying for the manipulative bankers who ripped off the world of wealth and funded themselves with what ever they wanted, normal everyday people are suffering much worse than I can ever remember. I believe that the media is a Tory led industry that gives your party bad press and manipulates people to vote for them. They have hoodwinked us on many issues. Prior 2010 there were no programmes on tv about benefits and these are deliberately aired to demonise the poor and put them in a bad light, meanwhile the bankers sit drinking champagne on their million pound yachts. I find it strange that we have not rebuilt our voting mechanism, I would like to see all parties votes added up and whoever has the most wins. I have never voted Tory and I never will mrs may is becoming more like mrs thatcher each day that passes. I hope you will win this constituency and help us the demonised poor to be able to afford to pay our way. Scrap benefits sanctions, re-nationalise our industry put more police on the streets, I could go on but I guess that’s passion good luck!

    • Matthew – Thanks for your message but there has been a mistake, I am not a candidate this time that is Sandbach Councillor Sam Corcoran – I stood in 2015. The snap election caught me out and I must confess I forgot about this website that a local member built for me in the run up to the last GE!

      Unsurprisingly I agree with all you say and I know that Sam – who was a great help in my campaign – would too so please consider voting for him!

      Sorry again, I will amend this site now 🙂


  2. Hi Daren
    Before I make my mind up which way to vote in the up and coming parliamentary elections, can you clarify where you stand on the following local issues?
    ANSA waste site… what will you do to stop this madness ? The people of the town do not want to have a tip in the middle of a residential area. The roads are already collapsing un the volume of traffic this will cause total chaos. There are plenty of brownfield sites in Cheshire that have better access and situated in areas that wont destroy peoples lives. The first fight was lost but what is the on-going plan to have this project closed down ?

    By- pass
    When will we get the some relief from the constantly increasing volume of traffic that’s polluting our town and jamming up our roads. The condition of our roads and footpaths is appalling . They are in poor sate disrepair, dirty and dangerous for the old and the disabled. So many trip hazards and walking on the detritus thrown up from the heavy traffic, is like walking on marbles.

    What’s the plan? when will we have our station? Why can’t we impose a levy on all new developments in the area to pay for this essential resource that we desperately need to allow the area to develop. We have the asset of a line going through the town , Its cant be so difficult to build a platform.

    Finally I despair that we have such wonderful things within the town , such has amazing canals , green spaces and historic building, yet there seems to be no visible long term coordinated plans for the development of the town. We watch surrounding areas like Knutsford, Northwich, Sandbach, Nantwich Congleton all developing, growing and prospering… yet here we get a rubbish tips dirty streets and little or no investment or support. A Long list but I feel these are the issues that matter to the people of this forgotten town.

    Looking forward you hearing from you.
    Kind Regards
    Mr C E Coules

    • Hi Mr Coules – I do apologise as I thought that this website had been taken down but the snap election has taken us all by surprise! I was the Labour candidate for Congleton in 2015 and am not standing again in this forthcoming election, instead your Labour candidate is the brilliant Sandbach Councillor Sam Corcoran. I have redirected your excellent questions to him.

      For what it’s worth I spent a lot of my campaign in Middlewich and I too despair that a town with so much going for it seems to get a poor deal each and every time – the by-pass is a case in point the wait has been over 30 years long! I suspect that the problems are two-fold, (i) that well meaning but essentially toothless independent representation at CEC have not been effective at putting Middlewich’s case forward at a local government level and (ii) Fiona Bruce has a huge majority and doesn’t see Middlewich as her biggest source of votes…..focussing more on Sandbach, Holmes Chapel, Congleton and Alsager.

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